Soar to Resilience Through Authentic Peer Connections




Overwhelm You? Isolate You? Define You?

Learn about them.
Talk about them.
Overcome them.

With a community of peers who feel the same way

Who We Are

Peeramid, sponsored by NYU Future Labs A/X Venture Studio, is a team of engineers from diverse backgrounds- of Bioengineering and Computer Science- who navigate this journey too. We focus on providing our mobile-app community with the safest resource, which is why we also consult well-being physicians to review necessary content.

Our Mission

We believe no Self-help journey throughout higher-education should be isolated. That’s why we strive to bridge the gap between individuals’ experiences when navigating the ebbs and flows of academia. By engaging in peer-led discussions, driven by science-backed topics, students build authentic connections and gain valuable skills for self-awareness and resilience.

We focus on providing our users with a welcoming, safe environment- to share thoughts and experiences- which is why we are a
fully HIPAA/FERPA compliant
app-based community.

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